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Gradient Phone Case

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  • Can I port my number?
    Absolutely! We can port any eligible line number from an eligible carrier. Please note that some carriers have their own port-out-policies, and we will do our best to facilitate the process so you can keep your phone number.
  • Are there activation fees?
    There are no activation fees to participate, only a $5 per month, per line administrative fee. We will not charge activation fees for any future device upgrades or changes.
  • What will I need to port my number?
    You need your current carrier billing name, address, and port-out pin number.
  • How do I know if my phone will work on the network?
    You can check your device network status here. Devices must be unlocked by the existing carrier before they will work on AT&T’s network. Please communicate with your service provider to determine their unlock device policies.
  • Can I purchase a new unlocked device?
    Yes! We have access to AT&T’s full line of devices and when you purchase your device at full retail price it will fully unlock after 60 days of service.
  • Do you have bill installments on new phone purchases?
    Currently, we are not offering Equipment Installment Plans on the mobile benefits account.
  • Do you have insurance coverage?
    We are currently unable to offer insurance through the mobile benefits program. Please visit to set up a policy directly with Asurion.
  • How will I receive my bill?
    You will receive your invoice directly from once Apex Wireless populates your invoice You can pay your enrollment fees and monthly invoices, set up auto-pay or submit a ticket at
  • How many lines can I have?
    One voice line and one data line per employee are currently allowed.
  • What if I currently have AT&T?
    At this time we are unable to move any existing AT&T Network or Pre-Paid service lines to the Mobile Benefits Program. New phone numbers and eligible ports only.
  • Are there any service fees?
    There will be a monthly administrative service fee of $5 per line, per month, plus any applicable taxes. Taxes on this fee will be based on your billing address, carrier taxes, your zip code.
  • Is this only for FTEs / Current Employees?
    Yes, this can be only used by anyone an FTE, STE, Intern, or Contingent Worker.
  • Does my employer see any of my information about my account when I sign up?
    No, there is no visibility into these accounts and does not get notified when new accounts are set up. While we worked to get these plans in place, your employer has no involvement other than offering these plans to you from their corporate account.
  • I need a new phone, how can I do that and take advantage of these plans?
    There are a few ways: you can purchase a fully unlocked phone without service from your favorite retailer (Apple Store, Google, Best Buy, etc.) and then activate this deal on that device. AT&T stores nor any of the aforementioned stores cannot enroll you in this plan other than the website above. Contact Evergreen via the website to complete enrollment. If you want to purchase a device at a discount, AT&T has offered a few plans to provide discounts up to $699 on a device with a 24 month contract. Those plans cost more per month, but include the same features.
  • I have a personal device already that I want to use with this plan, can I do that?
    Yes, as long as your device is unlocked.
  • I have a personal device already that I want to use with this plan, can I do that?
    Yes, as long as your device is unlocked.




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